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Annual awards regularly help to draw the attention of both professionals and the public to exceptional individuals and events in a specific field. They also enable us to appreciate and bring fame to works of specific creators. Last, but not least, they help the public to be better informed about a specific field. Czech Grand Design Awards shall be awarded by impartial experts joined in the Academy of Design of the Czech Republic, which is  aloose association of experts with the exeption of active designers - i.e. curators, theorist and journalist with a long term interest in design. The preparatory committee has paid very close attention to the process of drawing up the statues of awards with a long-term perspective and to the selection of Academy members.


Annual awards of the Academy of Design of the Czech Republic Czech Grand Design Awards are awarded in eight categories: Designer of the Year, Fashion Designer of the Year, Graphic Designer of the Year, Photograher of the Year, Store of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year, Discovery of the Year - Česká spořitelna Award, Hall of Fame, Grand Designer. The Academy votes in three rounds. In the third round they choose winners from the three personalities/companies for specific contributions in the given calendar period. In the second round they choose three subjects from the five personalities/companies who got nominated in the first nominational round. In the first nominational round the Academy nominates up to five subjects / personalities for specific contribution in given calendar period.

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